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This is the start of our Celebrity Wall of Fame in The Lab.

We have Webinar Pioneers, Collaborative Adventurers, Self-paced Trailblazers and Blended Learning Explorers.

After we create one of these resources we get the signature and a short message from the ‘celebrity’ (consultant/project owner) to stick onto the wall.

It’s our small way of having visible kudos in the office.

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‘Running’ writing



Was trying a GPS enabled running app on my phone.

My run home from work the other day was brought you by the letters r, u and n.

And my run yesterday was bought to by the number 8.

Well sort of.

I have a bit of work to do on my spatial awareness and ‘running’ writing!

: )


Run hard! Run happy!

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Learning spaces


The Third Teacher.

Bought this book the other day.

It contains ’79 ways design can transform teaching and learning’.

Just started reading it, so far pretty good.

I’m interested in it from the point of view of physical and digital learning spaces.


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LEGO are awesome


The company and the product are awesome.

I was missing a piece from a LEGO set. What to do?

LEGO will send out free replacement parts!

The link on their website is https://wwwsecure.us.lego.com/en-us/service/replacementparts

Everything is awesome.





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So many books, so little time!


How can I invent (recover) more time?

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AIS Online Learning Lab

So this is The Lab.

The workspace for the AIS Online Learning team.


Version 0.5

AISOnlineLearning_TheLab4 AISOnlineLearning_TheLab5


Version 1.0 (personalised and break out meeting space enabled)

IMG_3686 IMG_3673


Version 1.1, (webinar enabled)


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I love this article about design and Design Thinking from Connie Malamed.

She does a good job in summing up the information in a 10 dot point article that takes about 10 minutes to read.

(I guess it’s part of her craft as an instructional designer to have clear writing!)

I’ll be printing this out and sticking up on the office wall.

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Started using a platform called SurveyGizmo.

Sort of like SurveyMonkey but on steroids.

So far liking the user interface.

Easy to create surveys, polls, evaluation forms and easy to distribute.

The data analysis and reporting is fully featured also.

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Time flies

It’s been 2.5 years since my last blog post.

It’s been 2.5 years since I started at my current position.

Been so busy and engaged with my work that I’ve only had time now in the end of year holidays to to catch up on writing some blog posts.

My knowledge, skills and connections have expanded and I have much to share.

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