What is design?

I love this article about design and Design Thinking from Connie Malamed.

She does a good job in summing up the information in a 10 dot point article that takes about 10 minutes to read.

(I guess it’s part of her craft as an instructional designer to have clear writing!)

I’ll be printing this out and sticking up on the office wall.



Started using a platform called SurveyGizmo.

Sort of like SurveyMonkey but on steroids.

So far liking the user interface.

Easy to create surveys, polls, evaluation forms and easy to distribute.

The data analysis and reporting is fully featured also.

Time flies

It’s been 2.5 years since my last blog post.

It’s been 2.5 years since I started at my current position.

Been so busy and engaged with my work that I’ve only had time now in the end of year holidays to to catch up on writing some blog posts.

My knowledge, skills and connections have expanded and I have much to share.

Know yourself


So today (11 Aug 2013) after playing a semi-grand final soccer match I learned something about myself.

Aggression is one form that the raw energy and adrenalin can be expressed on the sporting field.

We all have a reptile brain that is opposite and can cloud the logic and rational brain.

Too much of the reptile brain can hinder good decisions.

Kind of link an Incredible Hulk situation.

So what did I really learn about myself?

Too much mongrel is not helpful.

I ended up playing dangerously, got a warning, eventually a yellow card and gave a away a penalty.

A little bit of controlled mongrel is good, it can be expressed as confidence.

So play the ball not the man and always aim to be a better player by the end of each match.

New (temp) work desk

Work desk

Work desk

My new but temporary work desk.

We all have docks with 21 inch monitors for our Dell laptops.

I like the over head lights under the shelving it gives more brightness to the work area around the screen.

I also like the ample desk space, good for laying out storyboards on paper or notebooks.

A bit bare for now but I’ll gradually bring in my desk toys for some personalised creative expression!

Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline

I’ve been using Articulate Storyline in my new work place.

I like this software.

I think it edges out Adobe Captivate and Raptivity in terms of features, standards, usability, stability and overall productivity.

I haven’t played with Lectora yet but I have heard this is a good suite of products also.

My personal learning journey continues in this area of elearning.

Exciting times!

Designing and building a house is suited to a Waterfall project management methodology.

Designing and developing software is more suited to an Agile project management methodology.