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The other day my avatar got stuck on an offline island.

It happened because I had my avatar on one of the dev islands.

I was doing testing and moved the dev island from the dev console to the offline console.

My avatar was ‘stuck’ on this island.

Kind of like a phantom Twilight zone, Bermuda Triangle type of area.

Rescued my avatar by doing the reverse to get him back.



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Broken avatar

Broken avatar

After a day of debugging this one I have found a solution.

Login to the region with an avatar that is working fine.

On another computer login to the region with the ‘broken’ avatar.

Using the working avatar right click on top of the broken avatar to show the pie menu and click on ‘Send IM’.

Drag and drop from your inventory the shape, skin, eyes and hair to the window that popped up from the broken avatar.

The cloud will now disappear from the broken avatar and be a clone of the working avatar.

Now you can customise the avatar as usual.

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