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The Third Teacher.

Bought this book the other day.

It contains ’79 ways design can transform teaching and learning’.

Just started reading it, so far pretty good.

I’m interested in it from the point of view of physical and digital learning spaces.


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LEGO book and Moleskin diary

LEGO book and Moleskin diary

The latest additions to my LEGO collection.

The Cult of LEGO book and a LEGO Moleskin diary.

Yep, that’s a LEGO piece on the front cover of the diary.

Also came with stickers of LEGO mini-figs.

Both from Amazon and both very cool.

LEGO is good for both creativity and imagination.

Two very useful skills in work and play activities.

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Finite and infinite games

Finite and infinite games

The latest book in the office library that I am reading.

Easy to digest and relevant to our work on PLANE but also to life in general.

So far so good.


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Some marketing/user guide/promotions/work in progress type material of the PLANE virtual worlds Bootcamp.


Bootcamp machinima




Bootcamp guide book


PLANE virtual world Bootcamp guide book

A printed version of the PLANE virtual world Bootcamp guide book

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