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Adobe Connect, Join Me, virtual sound card

Adobe Connect, TeachMeet@PLANE, join.me and virtual sound cards

Our second last TeachMeet@PLANE for 2012 is on Library Innovation.

What a hot topic!

All 90 tickets were snapped up 2 days before the event.

We had a waiting list of over 30 people.

So Lorence and I set about getting an overflow solution happening.

We settled on using join.me to screen share and broadcast out the Adobe Connect session.

We had to use a bit of software to set up virtual sound drivers to be able to pipe the audio through.

The participants in the overflow used Twitter to interact as they did not have access to the Adobe Connect text chat.

In the end it all worked out pretty well.

The visuals of the screen share was watch-able, bearable lag and screen refresh rate.

The audio came through loud and clear.

And the interaction using Twitter was ok.

We would need to do some more testing if we were to use this permanently but it was a good, fast solution at the time.

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Adobe Connect on tablet, check.

Headphones with microphone, check.

Twitter on smart phone, check.

Glass of wine, check.

I love doing PD from home.

This was how I participated in the inaugural PLANE LeadMeet.

It was a good PD session where I learned a lot and had conversations and interacted with other educators and professionals in the comfort and convenience of my own home.

Professional Development from home

Professional Development from home

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