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Who am I?

Who am I? start screen

Who am I?

One of the screens from Who am I?


I recently decided to have a personal mini 12hr game jam.

I wanted to make a game with my CV and it’s contents.

Well it set out to be a game but has turned into more of an interactive short story.

I tried to get a straight 12hr (yeah, right) block but ended up doing a 3hr and a 9hr block over 2 weekends.

There is scope for many improvements like,

  • using a technology/platform/software other than Flash like Game Maker, GameStar Mechanic, Unity3D, Construct, Styncl Works
  • making a tablet and smartphone friendly versions and making use of mobile functions like GPS, accelerometer, vibration, light sensors
  • publishing to other platforms like Mac and PC desktop
  • code refactoring, making it more object oriented
  • playing with HTML5
  • turning it into a real game
  • developing the narrative, mechanics, aesthetics and technology/platform

The interactive is called ‘Who am I?’.

I played on the idea of a re-discovery of who you are.


Initial ideas – Considerations of narrative, platform, aesthetic and mechanics.


Further exploration of the discovery idea and what’s in a CV?


Some initial ideas of the flow and screen components.


Photoshop file and the visual design.


Flash with the scripting.

Some overall reflections,

  • I’ve enjoyed the design process and the creating as much as the playing of games/interactives
  • Being a 1 person project it’s been very agile
  • Good enough is good enough
  • 12hr is not long
  • Good games are not easy to make
  • The more games you create the better your games will eventually be
  • I’ve had fun and I’ve (re)learnt useful things
  • I play games but I need to make more games! (all types of games)

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