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I love this article about design and Design Thinking from Connie Malamed.

She does a good job in summing up the information in a 10 dot point article that takes about 10 minutes to read.

(I guess it’s part of her craft as an instructional designer to have clear writing!)

I’ll be printing this out and sticking up on the office wall.

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Design meld

Over time the last 3 pairs of sunnies I have are below.

Sun glasses

Oakley Scalpel

Sun glasses

Ray-Ban Wayfarer New

Sun glasses

Oakley Garage Rock

Intersting looking at all 3 of them is like a design meld.

The colours and shapes.

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Play testing

So proud of my daughter!

She designed a game and we play tested it together.

The Water Game- an educational game about water.

Play testing

‘The water game’

The rules,

  • The aim is to collect 15 water drops, (the little blue bits of rolled up paper).
  • 2-4 players can play, roll the dice, move your player piece around the board, youngest player goes first.
  • The stars and question marks represent the cards in the middle of the board.
  • Land on a star or question take the card on the top of the appripraite pile and read it.
  • Star cards are read by the player that lands on that square- it’s either a bonus or loss card.
  • Question card anyone but the player that landed on the square reads it- it’s a knowledge question that has bonus or loss outcome.

What did we learn?

  • basic game mechanics are good
  • my daughter found it easy to design- it was a fun activity to do
  • she got most of the parameters right- we tweaked it so that every player starts with 5 water drops instead of nothing
  • the amount of squares and winning goal of 15 was just right- took just under 2 complete rounds of the baord for a winner to eventuate, (with 2 players)
  • my daughter and I started to get more creative with some of the cards like- ‘loose a water drop for not brushing your teeth and having smelly breath for the day’

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Who am I?

Who am I? start screen

Who am I?

One of the screens from Who am I?


I recently decided to have a personal mini 12hr game jam.

I wanted to make a game with my CV and it’s contents.

Well it set out to be a game but has turned into more of an interactive short story.

I tried to get a straight 12hr (yeah, right) block but ended up doing a 3hr and a 9hr block over 2 weekends.

There is scope for many improvements like,

  • using a technology/platform/software other than Flash like Game Maker, GameStar Mechanic, Unity3D, Construct, Styncl Works
  • making a tablet and smartphone friendly versions and making use of mobile functions like GPS, accelerometer, vibration, light sensors
  • publishing to other platforms like Mac and PC desktop
  • code refactoring, making it more object oriented
  • playing with HTML5
  • turning it into a real game
  • developing the narrative, mechanics, aesthetics and technology/platform

The interactive is called ‘Who am I?’.

I played on the idea of a re-discovery of who you are.


Initial ideas – Considerations of narrative, platform, aesthetic and mechanics.


Further exploration of the discovery idea and what’s in a CV?


Some initial ideas of the flow and screen components.


Photoshop file and the visual design.


Flash with the scripting.

Some overall reflections,

  • I’ve enjoyed the design process and the creating as much as the playing of games/interactives
  • Being a 1 person project it’s been very agile
  • Good enough is good enough
  • 12hr is not long
  • Good games are not easy to make
  • The more games you create the better your games will eventually be
  • I’ve had fun and I’ve (re)learnt useful things
  • I play games but I need to make more games! (all types of games)

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More books

Books Jan 2013

Books – Jan 2013

I received my order from Amazon the other day.

The Art of Game Design – Jesse Schell

Rules of Play – Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman

Happy reading times ahead!

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We have more new badges.

This is batch 3 now, that brings a total of over 45 different badges.

Hat awards batch 3

Hat awards batch 3

Hat awards

Mark Focas and I re-introducing the badges to the team. 

Hat awards

Lorence with his PLANE pilot hat and 'hat awards' 

The ‘hat awards’ is a playful internal badge system that Mark, Lorence and I started playing with as a prototype last year.

It’s ready for whole team to play with.

Some rules we were using,

  • Rule 1: there must be a 2 of 3 quorum to award a badge
  • Rule 2: it must be a meaningful, real and public recognition of work for the reward
  • Rule 3: you must wear the pilot hats to give the badges

It’s a way to practice, trial, validate and reflect on badge mechanics that can be applied to the overall PLANE project.

A way to share the love (and the karma) in the team and its just humorous and fun!

'Hat awards' collection

'Hat awards' collection

'Hat awards' hat

'Hat awards' hat

'Hat awards' wall

'Hat awards' wall

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Some of my soccer boots from the present and past seasons.

Soccer boots Adidas Classic, 2001 – 2003, (no picture cause I can’t find these boot anymore).

Soccer boots Lotto

Soccer boots Lotto BFC, 2004 to 2007.

Soccer boots Adidas

Soccer boots Adidas Predator, 2008 – 2009.

Soccer boots Nike

Soccer boots Nike CTR 360, 2010 – 2011.

Soccer boots Nomis

Soccer boots Nomis Glove FG, 2012 to present day.

Adidas Copa Mundial

Soccer boots Adidas Copa Mundial, 2012 to present day.

This year is my 11th soccer season in a row since I picked up soccer again in my adult life.

Above are photos of my 2 most recent pairs of soccer boots.

I am amazed of the new designs there are every year and the design thinking that has gone into making them.

I’m sure there are many more but some design factors I can think of are,

  • material type (leather, synthetic)
  • the cut and the seams
  • weight/strength/flexibility/durability/comfort
  • performance in different weather conditions
  • position and layout of the boot studs
  • colour/cost/fit

My soccer boots remind me how important design and design thinking is in all things.

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Leornian Game Design Document

Leornian Game Design Document

Lately I’ve been working on a Game Design Document.

I’ve mostly done the text heavy wordly bits of the doc.

Next steps are to fill in some of the more visual and creative details like,

  • stoyboards (game flow)
  • mockups (HUD)
  • concept artwork (sketches and source images, mood board)
  • level designs (grid layout diagrams, diorama prototypes)

This will dovetail into creative briefs (2D, visuals, 3D visuals and audio) and technical briefs (functional specifications).

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Snakes and Ladders board game

Snakes and Ladders and other board games at Toys R Us.

I’m going to make a board game.

My objective is to go through the process of designing and developing a game.

My approach is to base the idea on a traditional board game.

More to follow as I get into it.

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Bella's points system

Bella's points system

The points system we use at home with Bella, (miss 11).

A simple system of 1 point = 1$

We negotiate how much each task is worth in points.

Some tasks for instance are like vacuuming and dusting the house, washing the dishes, watering the garden, helping cook dinner.

Working so far.

So far she’s paid off her school excursion, is in the middle of paying off her new Converse shoes and planning to pay off her next school excursion.

Moral: money speaks louder than parents words.

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