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New (temp) work desk

Work desk

Work desk

My new but temporary work desk.

We all have docks with 21 inch monitors for our Dell laptops.

I like the over head lights under the shelving it gives more brightness to the work area around the screen.

I also like the ample desk space, good for laying out storyboards on paper or notebooks.

A bit bare for now but I’ll gradually bring in my desk toys for some personalised creative expression!

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My work desk

My work desk.

The work environment is very important.

Just as important is your work desk.

In the office environment it’s the next level of personal space.

An area that you’ll be at a lot of the time.

It makes sense to make it comfortable and personalised.

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Work desk toys

Work desk toys

Never let the fun disappear.

The world is a playground.

Keep on playing!

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