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What to do with an empty white wall (that has grid dots on it) in the office?

Tetris of course. I couldn’t resist.

I measured the grid dots (they are 10cm by 10cm) and cut out some Tetris blocks from coloured paper.

I ruled black lines and cut them out in blocks of 10cm squares to form the shapes.


Lorence, Lachlan and Anna 'playing' Tetris.


Tetris with an original Nintendo Gameboy playing the Tetris music for inspiration.


Tetris with original Nintendo Gameboy


The final game layout that is more colour balanced.


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Lunchtime soccer

Lunchtime soccer!

I like to play the game of soccer.

Every Tue and Thur there is a casual soccer match in the park next to the office.

Its a good balance to the mostly sitting in front of a computer type of work in the office environment.

A 40 min run around, 10 min to have a shower and then grab a quick bite back at the desk.

My mind feels sharper and my body invigorated after the physical exercise session.

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My work desk

My work desk.

The work environment is very important.

Just as important is your work desk.

In the office environment it’s the next level of personal space.

An area that you’ll be at a lot of the time.

It makes sense to make it comfortable and personalised.

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PLANE offices wall decal

One of the wall decals in the PLANE offices.

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit

Lunch time soccer

Lunch time soccer every Tue and Thur in the park across the road.

Some things that make a good work environment,

  • Cool people
  • Work life balance
  • Health and well being
  • Lots of natural light
  • Creative and fun work
  • Humor
  • Good coffee

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