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Started using a platform called SurveyGizmo.

Sort of like SurveyMonkey but on steroids.

So far liking the user interface.

Easy to create surveys, polls, evaluation forms and easy to distribute.

The data analysis and reporting is fully featured also.

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Tonight we had our first PLANE virtual world Bootcamp in-world event.

Some of my thoughts,

  • the use of Adobe Connect for voice was successful
  • the ease of logging to Adobe Connect is great for the end users
  • participants love to personalise their avatars -> we need to expand the Avatar Shop
  • more instructions would be good -> more billboards
  • more instructions on avatar personalisation would be good
  • use of chat was excellent, the connecting with others was enjoyed by participants

This is only the initial feedback and my initial thoughts.

I’m looking forward to more feedback and thinking of the things that we can improve on and do better.

More to come.

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