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The last 2 days have been AMAZING!

We have just completed the PLANE Festival of Learning 2012 conference.

Yes, there was blood, sweat and tears.

And yes, there was collaboration, team work, initiative, hard work, brilliant work, focus, excitement, adrenalin, humour and lots of fun.

The 2 biggest takeaways for me were,

Meeting face to face the educators I had met online via the PLANE website.

It was so nice to meet in person, to see, hear, shake a hand, hug a person and use all our senses in the experience.

A very human interaction.

And to communicate on all things education.

The second takeaway was the Gangnam style Flash mob, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV-4CX8LDQU (video from Rofle Kolbe, Newington College).

Isabella my 12yr daughter visited on the second day of the conference.

I said to her that all these people around her were educators, primary school teachers, secondary teachers, educational technology officers- all people passionate about and in the education field.

She couldn’t believe that these people were teachers, they were all ‘cool and awesome’.

And after she witnessed the flash mob she now wishes they all taught at her school!

More details of the festival here from the PLANE blog http://plane.edu.au/2012/10/festival-of-learning-its-a-wrap/

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LEGO play create

LEGO play create…

I played with my LEGO and created these 2 signs the other night.

It’s in the theme with the upcoming PLANE Festival of Learning.

Bron Stuckey, Brendan Jones and I are leading the Permission to PLay stream.

Yep, the ‘P’ and ‘L’ are intentionally in capitals.

Did you work out what they stand for?

Professional Learning!

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Crowd flow management

FoL crowd control

Crowd flow management

How to manage crowd flow?

Possibly use coloured wrist bands as tickets to entry to different coloured zones.

Could be used for our upcoming PLANE Festival of Learning.

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