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Who am I?

Who am I? start screen

Who am I?

One of the screens from Who am I?


I recently decided to have a personal mini 12hr game jam.

I wanted to make a game with my CV and it’s contents.

Well it set out to be a game but has turned into more of an interactive short story.

I tried to get a straight 12hr (yeah, right) block but ended up doing a 3hr and a 9hr block over 2 weekends.

There is scope for many improvements like,

  • using a technology/platform/software other than Flash like Game Maker, GameStar Mechanic, Unity3D, Construct, Styncl Works
  • making a tablet and smartphone friendly versions and making use of mobile functions like GPS, accelerometer, vibration, light sensors
  • publishing to other platforms like Mac and PC desktop
  • code refactoring, making it more object oriented
  • playing with HTML5
  • turning it into a real game
  • developing the narrative, mechanics, aesthetics and technology/platform

The interactive is called ‘Who am I?’.

I played on the idea of a re-discovery of who you are.


Initial ideas – Considerations of narrative, platform, aesthetic and mechanics.


Further exploration of the discovery idea and what’s in a CV?


Some initial ideas of the flow and screen components.


Photoshop file and the visual design.


Flash with the scripting.

Some overall reflections,

  • I’ve enjoyed the design process and the creating as much as the playing of games/interactives
  • Being a 1 person project it’s been very agile
  • Good enough is good enough
  • 12hr is not long
  • Good games are not easy to make
  • The more games you create the better your games will eventually be
  • I’ve had fun and I’ve (re)learnt useful things
  • I play games but I need to make more games! (all types of games)

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2013 goals

2013 goals

2013 career focus areas

We are well and truly into the new year now.

The triad of over arching areas I plan to be in for 2013 are,

  1. games– design, development, theory, education, play
  2. multimedia– design, development, scripting, 3D
  3. learning spaces– libraries, online facilitation, educational community events

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More books

Books Jan 2013

Books – Jan 2013

I received my order from Amazon the other day.

The Art of Game Design – Jesse Schell

Rules of Play – Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman

Happy reading times ahead!

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Games for Change ANZ 2012

Games for Change ANZ

Games for Change ANZ 2012

I have been fortunate and have had the privilege to attend the inaugural Games for Change ANZ conference.

This was a 2 day conference from Thur 15 Nov to Fri 16 Nov 2012 held at RMIT University’s Design Hub, Melbourne.

What an awesome 2 days!

The following is a small dot point summary from what I experienced,

  • This was not about AAA title games, coding or visual design of games per se
  • It was about all games not just digital games
  • The Katamari creator was a keynote
  • The conference had people from a wide range of backgrounds
  • The playful library was a very cool session
  • The project for helping kids with Aspergers was a stand out -> real change
  • I learned something from every session
  • The games lab was good -> participating and playing
  • As like any conference it was a great networking forum
  • Other stand outs included ABC (ABC Splash), IGEA (Interactive and Games Entertainment Association), De Bono Institute, GEE Labs,
    Independent game developer and designers
  • On the first morning the 20 million Federal fund for local game dev was announced by Simon Crean, Minister for Arts
  • The conference was gamified, I played to experience it and came in at 6th overall
Games for Change ANZ 2012

Games for Change ANZ 2012 conference game leader board

Some reflections of the conference,

The 2 day conference was all about games for change.

Games for social good not just for pure entertainment.

Some of the questions and words going around my head are,

  • What is play?
  • What is fun?
  • Education and play
  • Imagination
  • Learning
  • Curiosity
  • Wonderment

I ponder and keep applying my thinking to these questions and words in relation to what I do at work in the areas of games and education.

My professional network has widened as I met a whole heap of cool peeps that have the similar thinking and philosophy.

I also stayed an extra day (on personal expense) in Melbourne and spent the day at the ACMI, Australian Centre for Moving Image and at various bookshops, comic book shops and grabbing nice coffee in between.

At ACMI I visited the Screen Worlds exhibition, made a Matrix-style ‘bullet time movie’ and just generally absorbed all the great info in the place.

Earlier this I also went to Melbourne on a family holiday and took the opportunity to attend the Freeplay 12 and independent game dev conference and also visit the Game Masters Exhibition at ACMI.

It was a great entrée.

Back in Sydney in Oct my family and I also attended the EB Games Expo.

A great second half of the year further immersed in games and games culture.

Let the gaming continue in 2013!

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Finite and infinite games

Finite and infinite games

The latest book in the office library that I am reading.

Easy to digest and relevant to our work on PLANE but also to life in general.

So far so good.


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What to do with an empty white wall (that has grid dots on it) in the office?

Tetris of course. I couldn’t resist.

I measured the grid dots (they are 10cm by 10cm) and cut out some Tetris blocks from coloured paper.

I ruled black lines and cut them out in blocks of 10cm squares to form the shapes.


Lorence, Lachlan and Anna 'playing' Tetris.


Tetris with an original Nintendo Gameboy playing the Tetris music for inspiration.


Tetris with original Nintendo Gameboy


The final game layout that is more colour balanced.


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Toy and lolly cabinet

Toy and lolly cabinet.

Lorence and I have setup a toy cabinet between our desks.

It has various games, toys and lollies for learning, amusement and inspiration and just plain fun.

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I’ve used the exact same title as the original article as I found it a very good read.

Concise and informative.





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A good list of games here,



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