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The Third Teacher.

Bought this book the other day.

It contains ’79 ways design can transform teaching and learning’.

Just started reading it, so far pretty good.

I’m interested in it from the point of view of physical and digital learning spaces.


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I love this article about design and Design Thinking from Connie Malamed.

She does a good job in summing up the information in a 10 dot point article that takes about 10 minutes to read.

(I guess it’s part of her craft as an instructional designer to have clear writing!)

I’ll be printing this out and sticking up on the office wall.

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Online Learning Designer

Online Learning Designer – static infographic concept sketch

I recently applied for a new job with the position title Online Learning Designer.

The job application was a perfect oppourtunity to apply my learning design skills, so I approached the job application and my resume as a learning design exercise.

The objective was to ‘teach’ the ‘learner’ about me and why I was potentially the best candidate for the position.

I ended up creating a blended learning experience that included a written summary addressing the job criteria, a static infographic (made in Photoshop CS6) and a multimedia interactive (made in Adobe Captivate 6).

The infographic was a really good exercise to reflect on what I have done in the 20 years of my career so far and to condense this to an A4 sheet of paper.

Information design, learning design, visual design (colour, layout, space, font, shape, size) were just some of the areas of thinking I used.

I enjoyed the whole process.

Above is the concept sketch of the static infographic type image of my career summary and below is the final image I used.

Online Learning Designer

Online Learning Designer – static infographic final image

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I like visiting libraries.

The latest one I went to was the City of Ryde library at Top Ryde.

Love the learning space they have.

And also their use of Zinio for e-magazines.


Learning space inside City of Ryde library (Top Ryde)

Learning space inside City of Ryde library (Top Ryde)

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2013 goals

2013 goals

2013 career focus areas

We are well and truly into the new year now.

The triad of over arching areas I plan to be in for 2013 are,

  1. games– design, development, theory, education, play
  2. multimedia– design, development, scripting, 3D
  3. learning spaces– libraries, online facilitation, educational community events

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LEGO play create

LEGO play create…

I played with my LEGO and created these 2 signs the other night.

It’s in the theme with the upcoming PLANE Festival of Learning.

Bron Stuckey, Brendan Jones and I are leading the Permission to PLay stream.

Yep, the ‘P’ and ‘L’ are intentionally in capitals.

Did you work out what they stand for?

Professional Learning!

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