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LEGO are awesome


The company and the product are awesome.

I was missing a piece from a LEGO set. What to do?

LEGO will send out free replacement parts!

The link on their website is https://wwwsecure.us.lego.com/en-us/service/replacementparts

Everything is awesome.






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LEGO play create

LEGO play create…

I played with my LEGO and created these 2 signs the other night.

It’s in the theme with the upcoming PLANE Festival of Learning.

Bron Stuckey, Brendan Jones and I are leading the Permission to PLay stream.

Yep, the ‘P’ and ‘L’ are intentionally in capitals.

Did you work out what they stand for?

Professional Learning!

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I love LEGO.

It’s great for activities using creativity and imagination.

My brother gave me a shirt with LEGO Vietnam!

LEGO 'nam t-shirt

LEGO ‘nam t-shirt

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The other day one of my colleges Tal was working on the PLANE website navigation and landing pages.

I like how he was using colour paper based mockups.


PLANE website navigation

I think I must have subconsciously had this on my mind as I bought these mugs from Woolies the other day.


PLANE website navigation mugs

In one of my last posts I showed my LEGO watch. The band is customisable. So I customised to the PLANE website navigation colours!

LEGO watch

PLANE website navigation LEGO watch

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Yep, I can’t get enough of LEGO.

My 12 year old daughter pointed out that I was more than over 6 years old.

: )

LEGO watch

LEGO watch

LEGO watch

LEGO watch


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LEGO book and Moleskin diary

LEGO book and Moleskin diary

The latest additions to my LEGO collection.

The Cult of LEGO book and a LEGO Moleskin diary.

Yep, that’s a LEGO piece on the front cover of the diary.

Also came with stickers of LEGO mini-figs.

Both from Amazon and both very cool.

LEGO is good for both creativity and imagination.

Two very useful skills in work and play activities.

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My daughter Isabella and I were looking at the LEGO mini-figures collection we have.

We just reached the full collection of all 6 series.

A spontaneous game I played with her was to group them, kind of like tagging them.

We came up with the sets/tags for example, warrior, entertainment, sport, career, ice/snow, law, historical.

A simple game that could easily be played in any primary school classroom.

Engaging, creative, tactile, mathematical, social- it could touch on so many other discussion points.

The photos below show some of the sets we came up with.


Some of the sets.


We called this one the 'warrior set'.


This was was the 'entertainment set'.


This one was the 'tech/robot set'.


This one was an odd one out, a set of 1.


All the mini-figures back in the storage case.

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