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Football (soccer) referee

My football (soccer) referee whistle, yellow card and red card

Every good meeting needs a time keeper.

Someone to keep the meeting to agenda and moving along.

A tough but fair adjudicator.

Sounds like a football (soccer) referee.

How about we have a referee in each meeting?

Blow the whistle at ‘half time’ for a short stand up break every half hour.

Call a free kick or penalty kick against a non-productive discussion.

Dish out a yellow card for non-productive comments.

Dish out a red card to give ‘timeouts’.

Meetings may get more productive and/or could be way too much fun!

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Nerf gun

Nerf gun

‘The Silencer’.

This can be our timekeeper for our daily standup meetings.

We can keep passing it around to the next person to speak.

Anyone going over time… watch out!

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We had mostly positive results today in the in-world meeting with Les Foltos from Peer-Ed.

We used an audio conference bridge on the land line.

In world meeting

From left to right - Bruce Stavert, Leanne Steed, Stan Yip and Les Foltos.

In world meeting

Roisin's avatar had some rezzing problems.

In world meeting

Rosin's avatar eventually rezzed ok.

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