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Team goodness

PLANE team

PLANE team

Lisa Belfield on the PLANE team added some PLANE goodness to the office the other day.

She stuck one piece of paper for each of the PLANE team members onto the huge white project wall.

She also Blu-tacked some pens next to the sheets of paper for people to write good things about their colleges.

What a fantastic idea.

The office morale just went up a few notches.

I felt so inspired by her that on the train ride home that day I thought about my work mates, the interactions we have, how they have helped the project (their super power) and what they mean to me.

And then I came in early the next morning and wrote and stuck artefacts on the sheets.

I had looked around my house and found objects that expressed my interactions, respect and what I had learned about my fellow work mates.

I work with a very cool bunch of intelligent and creative peeps!

PLANE team

PLANE team – Wall of Love!

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