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It’s very exciting times to be in education in Australia!

For me the big 3 are,

  1. National Professional Standards for Teachers
  2. National Curriculum
  3. Gonski review (school funding)

Teacher quality is a huge thing and I fully support professional standards for teachers.

I like how the domains are defined and the standards within them- Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement.

A great way to define a quality teacher at various levels of their career, (pre-service, graduate, experienced, highly accomplished and lead).

We need quality teachers if we are to realise the goal of Australian students being in the top 5 of the world in literacy, maths and science by 2025.

In 12 years time in 2025 I want to be able to look back and say back in 2013 I helped reach this goal.

That would be awesome!

National curriculum will eventually bring our curriculum to a national consistency.

And Gonski, wow, the biggest school funding review in 40 years.

Then there’s the ‘Great Teaching, Inspired Learning’ blue print, performance pay, Local School Local Decisions and school data.

Exciting times that I am glad to be part of because at the end of the day we will be even better at preparing our students for life.

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