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Jonesy (a work college) and I played with Lumiya.

I setup the PLANE grid details whilst Jonesy supplied the Android tablet.

It was an ok experience, not the best 3D rendering as expected.

Tablet hardware and software is yet to catch up with what is needed for virtual worlds.

Will keep an eye on this as it progresses.

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I was looking at the Imprudence preferences and noticed a joystick option.

It was the excuse I was looking for to get a Logitech gamepad.

Now to play!

Logitech gamepad

Logitech gamepad

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SpotOn3D plugin

SpotOn3D plugin installing

I started playing with SpotOn3D the other day.

It’s a browser based virtual world experience.

You need to install the SpotOn3D plugin.

SpotOn3D Hippo Imprudence

SpotOn3D Hippo Imprudence side by side, one Hippo instance in the browser and the other instance Imprudence desktop logged in with 2 different avatars on PLANE Bootcamp island

Looks like it’s also using an IFrame to make it an even more seemless experience from browser to viewer.

SpotOn3D in world

SpotOn3D in world

Went in world and meet one of the residents Teresea Harrington.

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In a previous post I found a rogue prim when I was optimising the Coach Away Island region.

This seem to have reduced the yellow warning messages on the server console.

However I also found that there was negative terrain on the island.

That is the sea floor was lower then 0.

By default sea level is usually 22 metres.

So the sea floor should have been at most 22 metres deep but I noticed it was more than 30 metres when I was walking on the ocean floor.

I modified the terrain height map image and reloaded it.

So far the server seems to be clear of any of the yellow warning messages for now.

And the island is much more stable.

Rouge prim

Negative terrain (with rogue prim)


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The other day my avatar got stuck on an offline island.

It happened because I had my avatar on one of the dev islands.

I was doing testing and moved the dev island from the dev console to the offline console.

My avatar was ‘stuck’ on this island.

Kind of like a phantom Twilight zone, Bermuda Triangle type of area.

Rescued my avatar by doing the reverse to get him back.



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Load testing

Load testing

Some recent load testing I conducted with some work colleagues on our PLANE OpenSim grid.

The test plan we ran with was,

  1. move large prim (to do with the Bootcamp Level 1 facilitated event)
  2. multiple change avatar appearance test
  3. walk around and hit random physical prims
  4. royal rumble avatar crash test
  5. mass teleport test

Setup configurations

  • before the tests we restarted the grid (Robus.texe and OpenSim32Launch.exe)
  • before the tests we took the dev islands offline
  • we had 24 concurrent avatars in-world to do the test
  • we (Helen and I) monitored the server CPU and memory usage using the Task Manager

Our results we not unexpected and confirmed some of our theories.

  • the server CPU takes a big hit when avatars are colliding, this is the OpenSim physics engine doing the calculations needed for realistic physics
  •  teleporting is a very, very high costing CPU operation, so high that it crashed the grid, the OpenSim32Launch.exe thread crashed

The next steps are to look at optimisation and scalability techniques, methods, processes and tweaks to address these concerns.

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OpenSim Kinect

OpenSim and Xbox Kinect sensor integration

I’ve been playing with using the Xbox Kinect sensor paired with OpenSim.

The 2 different methods I’ve used are below.

They are easy to follow and have fun results.

Some really smart and creative people out there to make these tools!

FAAST (Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit)

SLKinect2 (Second Life Kinect 2)

My thoughts,

  • I installed both the PrimeSense, (primesense-win32-fullinstaller-dev- and MS Sensor Kinect (SensorKinect091-Bin-Win32-v5.1.0.25.msi) drivers
  • I used a Lenovo PC laptop
  • I had to buy a separate cable to connect the Xbox Kinect sensor to the standard USB port, the cable also gives power to the sensor
    • I tried both version 0.1 and 1.0, both worked ok
    • v1.0 is more drag and drop to configure than v0.1
    • because it is so configurable some of the gestures can overlap and confuse the Kinect sensor and trigger unwanted movements
    • I programmed and tried walk, fly/stop fly, turn left/right, go backwards, go forwards, wave hello
  • SLKinect2
    • this is used more for real time puppet avatar movements
    • it’s very accurate and responsive
  • Both are very fun to use and play with
  • There are many educational uses for this!

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