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My work desk

My work desk.

The work environment is very important.

Just as important is your work desk.

In the office environment it’s the next level of personal space.

An area that you’ll be at a lot of the time.

It makes sense to make it comfortable and personalised.

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Dot point summary,

  1. 9 talks, 3 winners (by live voting), 2 free beers and some decent free finger food
  2. The geek in me enjoyed the session about Raphael, a JavaScript physics engine library by Dmitry Baranovskiy -> http://raphaeljs.com/
  3. From a PLANE mobile app point of view I enjoyed Martin Tomitsch’s session on personal informatics -> http://www.slideshare.net/martintomitsch/beyond-personal-informatics-designing-for-sharing
  4. Slide 14 and 16 are good -> PLANE mobile app -> some thoughts -> personal stats, badges collected, ‘birds of a feather’, crowd sourced info
  5. Event info -> http://whatdoyouknow.webdirections.org/sydney

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