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PLANE Santa 2012


PLANE Santa 2012

Wow, it’s Dec again and only 12 days to Xmas.

Look who I ran into on the PLANE virtual world Bootcamp island.

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Movember 2012

Movember 2012 – Stan Yip, Lorence Issa, Sandeep Kankatala, and Jason Wu (absent from photo)

Bit light on the office Movember team this year.

But fun anyways.

Thanks Sandeep for captaining and organising this year.

We raised $440.

An annual facial hair experiment for the good cause of raising awareness of men’s health.

Yes, PLANE pilots with moustaches do get the chicks.

: )

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The last 2 days have been AMAZING!

We have just completed the PLANE Festival of Learning 2012 conference.

Yes, there was blood, sweat and tears.

And yes, there was collaboration, team work, initiative, hard work, brilliant work, focus, excitement, adrenalin, humour and lots of fun.

The 2 biggest takeaways for me were,

Meeting face to face the educators I had met online via the PLANE website.

It was so nice to meet in person, to see, hear, shake a hand, hug a person and use all our senses in the experience.

A very human interaction.

And to communicate on all things education.

The second takeaway was the Gangnam style Flash mob, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV-4CX8LDQU (video from Rofle Kolbe, Newington College).

Isabella my 12yr daughter visited on the second day of the conference.

I said to her that all these people around her were educators, primary school teachers, secondary teachers, educational technology officers- all people passionate about and in the education field.

She couldn’t believe that these people were teachers, they were all ‘cool and awesome’.

And after she witnessed the flash mob she now wishes they all taught at her school!

More details of the festival here from the PLANE blog http://plane.edu.au/2012/10/festival-of-learning-its-a-wrap/

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Team goodness

PLANE team

PLANE team

Lisa Belfield on the PLANE team added some PLANE goodness to the office the other day.

She stuck one piece of paper for each of the PLANE team members onto the huge white project wall.

She also Blu-tacked some pens next to the sheets of paper for people to write good things about their colleges.

What a fantastic idea.

The office morale just went up a few notches.

I felt so inspired by her that on the train ride home that day I thought about my work mates, the interactions we have, how they have helped the project (their super power) and what they mean to me.

And then I came in early the next morning and wrote and stuck artefacts on the sheets.

I had looked around my house and found objects that expressed my interactions, respect and what I had learned about my fellow work mates.

I work with a very cool bunch of intelligent and creative peeps!

PLANE team

PLANE team – Wall of Love!

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Crowd flow management

FoL crowd control

Crowd flow management

How to manage crowd flow?

Possibly use coloured wrist bands as tickets to entry to different coloured zones.

Could be used for our upcoming PLANE Festival of Learning.

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The other day one of my colleges Tal was working on the PLANE website navigation and landing pages.

I like how he was using colour paper based mockups.


PLANE website navigation

I think I must have subconsciously had this on my mind as I bought these mugs from Woolies the other day.


PLANE website navigation mugs

In one of my last posts I showed my LEGO watch. The band is customisable. So I customised to the PLANE website navigation colours!

LEGO watch

PLANE website navigation LEGO watch

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PLANE virtual world Bootcamp Guidebook

PLANE virtual world Bootcamp Guidebook – A4 and A5 booklet versions

Today I made a A4 print friendly version of the PLANE virtual world Guidebook.

The original guidebook is made as an A5 booklet but it is a rather manually intense process to print, fold and staple together.

It didn’t scale well.

The majority of printers are set up by default to print A4.

Based on user feedback we also found that a lot of users like to have a printed versions of the guidebook handy whilst they completed the steps in the instructions.

PLANE virtual world Bootcamp Guidebook

PLANE virtual world Bootcamp Guidebook – A4 print friendly version

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Hat badges 5

Hat Awards 5

Hat Awards

Hat Awards 6

More badges!

Series 5 and 6 have been made.

The badges ideas are a collection of the team, what I observe in the office and from my own crazy ideas.

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PLANE library

PLANE library

PLANE library

I added some books to the PLANE library.

Dr Seuss, Where’s Wally and blow up fighter jet plane.

Ok, that last one isn’t a book but fun to add in there anyways.

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Lorence our project manager at PLANE has been utilising one of the office walls in a very effective way.

The PLANE Wall of Truth also known as the Great Wall of Parra.

It has project deliverables, milestones, status of work packages, links to wiki pages all colour coded and all in one birds eye view.

We have our daily stand up meetings around this wall.

What a fantastic addition to managing a large project.

(since these photos were taken a lot more has been added to the Wall)

PLANE Wall of Truth aka Great Wall of Parra

PLANE Wall of Truth aka Great Wall of Parra

PLANE Wall of Truth aka Great Wall of Parra

PLANE Wall of Truth aka Great Wall of Parra

PLANE Wall of Truth aka Great Wall of Parra

PLANE Wall of Truth aka Great Wall of Parra

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