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LEGO play create

LEGO play create…

I played with my LEGO and created these 2 signs the other night.

It’s in the theme with the upcoming PLANE Festival of Learning.

Bron Stuckey, Brendan Jones and I are leading the Permission to PLay stream.

Yep, the ‘P’ and ‘L’ are intentionally in capitals.

Did you work out what they stand for?

Professional Learning!

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What a fantastic presentation!

My dot point summary doesn’t do it justice.

The presentation is 177 slides but worth the time going through – really insightful brain food.

Misc notes

  • Gabe Zichermann – Fun is the Future (2010)
  • Margaret Robertson – Can’t Play, Won’t Play (2010)
  • Gameful design and playful design
  • Play (paidia) – Game (ludus)
  • Roger Collins – Man, play and games (1958)
  • Raph Koster – A theory of fun for game design (2005)
  • Fun is learning through interesting challenges
  • Kars Alfrink – A playful stance (2008)
  • Minecraft – generative sandboxes
  • The generalised mischief metric
  • User value and business value
  • Jane McGonigal – Reality is broken (2011)
  • Age, sickness, loss, death. Suffering is not a bug, it’s a feature of life
  • Pema Chodron – When things fall apart (2005)


  • Principle #1 Clear group goals
  • Principle #2 Structured flow of goals
  • Principle #3 “A game is a series of interesting choices” (Sid Meier Game designer, eg Civilisation)
  • Principle #4 Scaffold Challenges
  • Principle #5 Scaffold Complexity
  • Principle #6 Find and support the core challenge
  • Principle #7 Juicy feedback
  • Principle #8 Actionable feedback loops


  • Principle #1 Autonomy
  • Principle #2 Trusted safety space
  • Principle #3 Shared focus and attitude
  • Principle #4 Generative tools/toys

My favourite slide is slide number 174, (screen shot below).

My one key takeaway -> Play more LEGO for fun!



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Work desk toys

Work desk toys

Never let the fun disappear.

The world is a playground.

Keep on playing!

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