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Some of my experiences in migrating our OpenSim grid from our test to the production box.

  • our test box environment is hosted internally on a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, 64bit, dual core Xeon 2.6GHz, 4GB RAM
  • our production environment is hosted by Reaction Grid
  • OAR files of the region have been made and backed up daily
  • admin and ‘Stanley Yip’ accounts have been setup on the respective servers
  • there are approximately 2050 prims on the region
  • there are 3 NPCs (non-player characters) in the Bootcamp region
The process Lorence and I followed to go from testbox to prod include,
  • testbox: separately login to testbox as each NPC to transfer their assets (shape and textures)
  • testbox: transfer the assets to the admin avatar
  • testbox: login as the admin avatar and create a prim to contain the assets and put this prim on the region
  • testbox: save an OAR file of the region, (the NPC assets are now on the region and in the OAR file)
  • prod: load the OAR file to the production box
  • prod: login as the admin on the prod box then run the scripts to
    • create NPC
    • save NPC appearance
    • remove the NPC
    • copy the UUID to the NPC persistance prim
    • reset the scripts so the NPC avatar regenerates itself
Having the NPCs meant we had to run these extra steps.
There is most likely a better way to do this but being short on time I went the brute force approach which worked but was not elegant.

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