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Load testing

Load testing

Some recent load testing I conducted with some work colleagues on our PLANE OpenSim grid.

The test plan we ran with was,

  1. move large prim (to do with the Bootcamp Level 1 facilitated event)
  2. multiple change avatar appearance test
  3. walk around and hit random physical prims
  4. royal rumble avatar crash test
  5. mass teleport test

Setup configurations

  • before the tests we restarted the grid (Robus.texe and OpenSim32Launch.exe)
  • before the tests we took the dev islands offline
  • we had 24 concurrent avatars in-world to do the test
  • we (Helen and I) monitored the server CPU and memory usage using the Task Manager

Our results we not unexpected and confirmed some of our theories.

  • the server CPU takes a big hit when avatars are colliding, this is the OpenSim physics engine doing the calculations needed for realistic physics
  •  teleporting is a very, very high costing CPU operation, so high that it crashed the grid, the OpenSim32Launch.exe thread crashed

The next steps are to look at optimisation and scalability techniques, methods, processes and tweaks to address these concerns.

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