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Learning spaces


The Third Teacher.

Bought this book the other day.

It contains ’79 ways design can transform teaching and learning’.

Just started reading it, so far pretty good.

I’m interested in it from the point of view of physical and digital learning spaces.


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AIS Online Learning Lab

So this is The Lab.

The workspace for the AIS Online Learning team.


Version 0.5

AISOnlineLearning_TheLab4 AISOnlineLearning_TheLab5


Version 1.0 (personalised and break out meeting space enabled)

IMG_3686 IMG_3673


Version 1.1, (webinar enabled)


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Wall space

Wall space

Wall space.

One of the walls in our office.

This plain looking wall has so much potential.

Lorence has a brilliant idea to use this for displaying the PLANE project timeline.

Those grid dots could also be used to make some sort of AR (augmented reality) or QR code type of app…

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My work desk

My work desk.

The work environment is very important.

Just as important is your work desk.

In the office environment it’s the next level of personal space.

An area that you’ll be at a lot of the time.

It makes sense to make it comfortable and personalised.

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