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Sim On A Stick

Lorence and I spent a  few hours on Sim On A Stick yesterday.

Sim On A Stick is a standalone version of an OpenSim grid that can run on a USB stick and with no Internet connection.

The technology stack is Apache, MySQL, OpenSim and Imprudence.

With some Lorence magic, we were able to successfully get a dump of the database from our existing OpenSim test box installation, import this into the Sim On A Stick database and setup the configuration files.

Three uses of Sim On A Stick could be for users that have limited bandwidth, a portable version for presentations and as a PR/marketing give away.


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Sim On A Stick

Some of my experiences so far with Sim On A Stick,

  • All the info you need to download, install etc is here http://simonastick.com/
  • I have been using smoothly on the PC for a few weeks now
  • Great for local and offline testing of scripts and building
  • Mac version would require Mono, theoretically should run but no one out there has tested and made to work reliably, (as far as I can search for on Google)
  • I tried on our NSW DER laptops (2011 edition, Win7). Will not run under Guest login, ran ok under Administrator login. I suspect it’s the firewall and port 9000 and having access to localhost.

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