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2011 Summer break

The 2011 Summer break is officially over and my 2012 work year starts tomorrow.

Some tech related things I have been doing during the 2011 break,

  • Bought, setup and played the Xbox
  • Played Skyrim, (got to level 6 with my character)
  • Scratched the surface of Unity 3D
  • Backed up all my data, migrated and setup on another laptop
  • Setup and synched all the family’s devices
  • Setup all the tech in Bella’s homework room
  • With Bella setup and taught her how to manage her digital media
  • Caught up on most of my reading (books, magazines, websites, PDFs, ebooks) that was put off during the year
  • Updated various online profiles to be consistent and with my latest info
  • Finished playing Infinity Blade I and Infinity Blade II and read Infinity Blade Awakening ebook
  • Cleaned up (deleted/consolidated) my mobile apps, desktop apps, browser bookmarks, enewsletter subscriptions and RSS feeds
  • Setup Adidas miCoach to track and schedule my soccer training,  match stats and overall fitness
  • Fixed the corrupted 500GB USB hard drive and rescued most of the data
  • Setup multiple recharge points in the house so all the family’s electronic devices can be easily plugged in and charged up
  • Setup my yearly reminders in my 2012 digital calendar
  • Fixed the revolving electronic lights in the Xmas tree
  • Replaced the electronic pump component in the washing machine
  • Replaced 3 light bulbs and 1 fluorescent tube
  • Tried to fix the electric car window switch, (no luck)

In the next few days I’ll post the tech related things I plan to do in 2012.


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