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In a previous post I found a rogue prim when I was optimising the Coach Away Island region.

This seem to have reduced the yellow warning messages on the server console.

However I also found that there was negative terrain on the island.

That is the sea floor was lower then 0.

By default sea level is usually 22 metres.

So the sea floor should have been at most 22 metres deep but I noticed it was more than 30 metres when I was walking on the ocean floor.

I modified the terrain height map image and reloaded it.

So far the server seems to be clear of any of the yellow warning messages for now.

And the island is much more stable.

Rouge prim

Negative terrain (with rogue prim)


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In Photoshop I used a combination of the brush tool and the eraser tool to add and delete black and white areas.

I used a large, soft brush (between 40% and 60%) with minimal hardness, (about 5%).

Exported the image as a 16 bit grayscale PNG then used the load terrain OpenSim server command to load the terrain.

For more fine grained terra forming I plane to use the standard terrain build functions in the Imprudence client.

PLANE bootcamp island terrain png file

PLANE bootcamp island terrain png file in Photoshop

PLANE bootcamp island terrain rendered

PLANE bootcamp island terrain rendered in the Imprudence client


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Have been playing with terrain and terra forming in OpenSim.

Feels good to be able to affect whole islands and regions.

Terrain can be loaded with .raw files.

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