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An energy charged day today.

Lost of ideas and tasks completed.

  • Had a conference call to an US company about 3D virtual worlds design and development
  • Had a chunky meeting about out PLANE Virtual Worlds GBL missions design
  • Had a good catch up meeting about out PLANE Virtual Worlds Bootcamp
  • Downloaded the Phoenix Firestorm client to test
  • And yesterday talked to the developers of SLOODLE
I’m still on a buzz- like drinking 2 double shot coffees but in this case without the caffeine!

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Virtual worlds are made up of grids -> eg OpenSim virtual world, Second Life virtual world

A grid hosts 1 virtual world -> eg the PLANE grid

Grids can have one or more estates, an estate is a group of regions -> eg the PLANE estate

A region is a 256m x 256m island of land -> eg the PLANE Bootcamp, PLANE Labs regions

A region can be sub divided into parcels of land -> the smallest being 4m x 4m.

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Installing OpenSim

This morning a colleague of mine, Lorence and I installed OpenSim on a new computer server, (Intel Core 2, 4GB RAM).

The settings we had to configure in the .ini files were,

OpenSim.ini -> configure to be grid instead of standalone
Robust.ini -> update with the new SQL DB connection string
GridInfo services -> updated with the new IP address of the server
Grid.ini -> update the
GridCommon.ini -> update with the new SQL DB connection string
Regions.ini -> update the internal and external IP addresses

We also imported an .oar archive from the old box, setup 13 user accounts and made the grid externally available.

It took about an hour all up to setup.

One of the remaining questions is why only the 64 bit robust.exe will work, (the server is 64 bit), OpenSim32.exe runs ok.

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Pocket Metaverse

I had a play of this app.

The overall end user experience is a flat and very limited subset of the desktop version of 3D virtual worlds.

You can real time chat, IM, receive news items and see your friends that are online.

What would be cool would be being able to do things like move your avatar using the app and it is reflected in real time on the server to update your settings.

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Some of the LSL things I have been looking at,

  • Properties of avatar -> llDetectedKey()
  • Properties of an agent -> llGetOwner()
  • LSLEditor -> offline editor
  • Grid stats http://jokaydia.metaverseworlds.com:9000/SStats/
  • a summary of some of the programming limitations of LSL when compared to other programming languages and programming concepts eg 65k limit per script -> more details from this article http://xahlee.org/sl/ls-prob.html
  • Use of other prigramming language sin OpenSim -> C# is ‘experimental and unstable’ -> feature matrix from OpenSim website, http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Feature_Matrix
  • Sim On A Stick -> installed and using on my computer -> can we import and configure?

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