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Dot point summary,

  1. 9 talks, 3 winners (by live voting), 2 free beers and some decent free finger food
  2. The geek in me enjoyed the session about Raphael, a JavaScript physics engine library by Dmitry Baranovskiy -> http://raphaeljs.com/
  3. From a PLANE mobile app point of view I enjoyed Martin Tomitsch’s session on personal informatics -> http://www.slideshare.net/martintomitsch/beyond-personal-informatics-designing-for-sharing
  4. Slide 14 and 16 are good -> PLANE mobile app -> some thoughts -> personal stats, badges collected, ‘birds of a feather’, crowd sourced info
  5. Event info -> http://whatdoyouknow.webdirections.org/sydney

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